Reformer Pilates for Back Pain

Reformer Pilates is particularly helpful for those suffering from back pain. Recommended by many physiotherapists for those with severe and chronic back pain, Reformer Pilates strengthens the muscles in your core to reduce pressure on the spine.

Regular reformer classes improve posture by giving students a better awareness of their neutral alignment as well as strengthening the deep postural muscles. This in turn helps to decrease wear and tear on the back from uneven stresses on the joints and discs.

Resistance provided by the springs allow students a greater range of motion than in regular mat based Pilates. This eases the pressure during class on the lower back and helps to keep the body in correct alignment. It also allows you to work a greater range of muscles by reducing the pressure on the core allowing you to work arms, legs and bums safely and to a greater extent than with regular mat based Pilates.

Back pain can result from years of bad posture or wear and tear from high impact sports. Reformer classes cannot fix this overnight but you will notice the beneficial effects of your classes within weeks. We recommend 2-3 classes a week for optimal results.

Make sure to inform your Reformer Pilates Teacher of your injuries before every class so that they can tailor your programme during class to suit your needs. Reformer Pilates can be challenging but if at any time you are feeling pain in your back, stop the exercise you are doing and notify the teacher. They may need to adjust your position or give you an alternative movement.


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