Real Men Do Pilates

Om Sweet Om Pilates has my back on track.  My chiropractor suggested Pilates to strengthen my core after my back went out for the second time this year.   I was in so much back pain that I couldn’t move.  After six weeks of chiropractic appointments, I started Pilates with Stephanie at Om Sweet Om.  I took a series of private lessons and then started attending classes twice a week.  My back started feeling much stronger and my twinges went away.  My wife commented on how much straighter my frame appeared to be.  A month later, my chiropractor commented to me that my back no longer appeared to be tight with tension but my muscles were more toned and holding my spine well.  I have never had great flexibility and I probably never will but I can once again hold my own playing with the grandchildren.  I now make it part of my daily routine to do a series of exercises recommended by Stephanie of Om Sweet Om.  Real men do take Pilates classes because we aren’t getting any younger.

Larry Schroeder

A Real Man with a Plan

Wine Walk Wonders

It always showed up at the top of those time management questionnaires. What are the major goals in your life, and how are you going to organize your life around getting them accomplished. Getting fit was always at the top of the list, but was always elusive. The other objectives were coming along nicely, but my fitness level was steadily decreasing.

I had many excuses. I’ve had multiple back surgeries and have dealt with pain management for many years. My career required long commutes and many long hours of work. Yada Yada Yada.

I was always dieting, went to the gym, and even used a personal trainer for a while. I accumulated stacks of workout videos and all the Wii game workouts. But the results were temporary and my fitness level was still decreasing. I realized that I was dabbling in an area that needed to be taken much more seriously. That’s when I found Pilates.

The story is kind of funny really. I was doing the wine walk in Claremont with my husband. The entrance to the Om Sweet Om Pilates studio is above a pizza parlor at the top of a long, steep set of stairs. I climbed the stairs for the wine and cheese, not the Pilates. I had no idea that I would find the answer to my dilemma at the top of the stairs.

The studio reminded me of a dance studio I went to as a child. It overlooks downtown Claremont with tall windows. The floors are hardwood. There are flowing gauze curtains on the ceiling. There was a feeling of light breezy air. The instructor pouring the wine explained the principles of Pilates. The equipment and exercises are designed to increase core strength and enhance flexibility and balance. These were all things I needed. It seemed like a serious answer to managing my back issues. So I signed up for some introductory classes.

I started with a few private classes. My fitness level was very poor and I wanted to be careful. I was impressed by the precision of the movements. The muscles were engaged without pushing beyond my limits and risking injury. I decided to commit and signed up for 2 classes a week.

The instructors were very aware of what I could do and kept pushing me, one step at a time, to a new level. They provided constant reminders of correct form and breathing.

I had some setbacks. Foot surgery required me to wear a boot for a while. The instructors designed workouts around it so we didn’t lose ground while I was healing. Some days it was all I could do to get up those steps. But once I got in the door, they provided encouragement and motivation. It was slow going at first, but as time progressed, I could see definite changes in my body.

Pilates has been in my life for over a year now. I’ve purchased a reformer and have been supplementing the 2x a week classes with workouts at home. The classes provide inspiration for the home workouts. My fitness level is improving at a constant pace. I think I may finally be able to count fitness as one of my life achievements.

Linda Rose

Claremont Resident since 1984

A Happy, Healthy Body

I am a single mom and always gave myself the excuse that I don’t have time for exercise, although we are know everyone needs to exercises regularly.

One day after dropping off my son at school, I walked by Om Sweet Om Pilates Center and I picked up a flyer.  I then made the decision right there to walk into the center to get information.

I signed up the trial special thinking, “Why not give it a try?”  Believe it or not, after my 3 special trials finished, I enjoyed it so much I signed up for series of sessions right away.  I felt great every time I finished my work out and I loved all the instructors who train me.   I especially want to say thank you to Lexi and Kari.

The benefits are just as amazing as the people.  Believe it or not, after only 3 months of working out (twice per week), I not only lost weight, but my body was toned and strong.  Best of all, I recently had my annual physical checkup and my bad cholesterol (LDL) dropped tremendously (last year it was 117 and this time the result was 38), and my good cholesterol (HDL) increased from 91 last year to 144.

I have not changed my eating habits at all!  The only difference I made was starting Pilates at Om Sweet Om Center.  I want to thank everyone there and also highly recommended them.  I know you can also make a difference in your life by making that choice.

Grace Manolos

Dedicated mother & Pilates enthusiast



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